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Gael Metais
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What is Webperf?

Webperf is the field of knowledge related to improving the display speed of a website, especially on the front-end.
Faster website speeds is known to increase user satisfaction and the number of page views.

How can I work with you?

Webperf auditing

This is how I generally work with my customers. I will audit every parts of your website and provide a list of recommandations that will be much more relevant than any webperf audit tools. I've already worked on dozens of audits, for all kind of companies: media, e-commerce, banks, industry.


You have a specific need and you don't know how to shape it. I will assist you as an architect to build the right solution.


You like my open-source tools? I can provide support to install them, to use them or to adapt them to suit your needs.

Tools that I open-sourced

A collection of webperf related tools that I published on GitHub.

Yellow Lab Tools: audits a website for performance or front-end quality issues (you need it!)

SW-Delta: smart browser cache that only loads the diff of a file when it's modified

SVG Image merge: non-vector image optimization with the SVG format

UnusedJS: detects unused JavaScript code on your webpage

UX First: tiny JS that detects the slowest users

(Incomplete) list of technologies I can help you with

Service Workers, HTTP/2, caching strategy, smooth animations, SVG, SVG animation, image optimization, Single Page Applications, JS, Angular, maintainable CSS, BEM, Responsive Web Design, performance budgeting, WebPageTest, Yellow Lab Tools, Real User Monitoring, continuous integration, load testing, CDN, Gulp, Grunt, ...
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